Cultural Trips Sicily Australia

22 November 2014

Gemellaggio ist. A. Volta – Mount Ridley College

Rassegna stampa del gemellaggio fra l’istituto Alessandro Volta di Caltanissetta e il Mount Ridley College australiano. A cura di dott.ssa Elisa Toscano QUOTIDIANI E TV Rassegna […]
18 November 2014

AUSTRALIA… the streets and … amongst people…

Today we wish to bring to your attention the creative photographic work of Mary DiMauro whose video has captured the joyful and carefree nature of her […]
11 July 2013

2013 La Trobe University: “In the City – Ancient Mediterranean Studies” Lecture Series

The Program La Trobe in the City continues in Melbourne with lectures of particular interest to lovers and students of Sicily. ICSA has the pleasure of supporting this important […]
9 July 2013

First GeoTour of Sicily 2013 – Ending

  Have participated geologists from Spain, the UK and Italy The Study tour was organised by I.C.S.A. in line with its interest to promote Sicily as […]