A single action with double impact on two great initiatives

The purchase by I.C.S.A. of 10 Azalea plants from the Mothers’ Day Fight against Cancer Charity Drive, will also assist the volunteers of Guerrilla Gardening of Catania to reclaim neglected garden beds and beautify Catania, a city we all desire to be cleaner, more liveable and full of flowers and colour. The purchase and simultaneous donation of the plants has taken place on Sunday 11th of May at the Airc Charity Stall of the Humanitas Oncological Centre of Catania.


The wish that the participants to the initiative – Airc/ ICSA and Guerrilla Gardening – have shared at the meeting is that the Research against Cancer continues with success and that people who are not yet committed to the environment become aware that a healthy environment is a benefit for all and that all people share the obligation to care and respect it.




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