Photographic exhibition of Giuseppe Leone in Australia

I.C.S.A. has collaborated with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura (IIC) of  Melbourne in the presentation of a photographic exhibition by the famous Sicilian photographer  Giuseppe Leone.  The exhibition is currently on show at the IIC in South Yarra. The exhibition was organised by Mr. Antonio Bamonte with the financial support of the Assessorato Regionale della Famiglia e delle Politiche Sociali e del Lavoro of the Regione Sicilia and was inaugurated by the Director of Rete Italia, Dott. Ivano Ercole. The opening intervention of the evening was by Maria Sanciolo – President of I.C.S.A., who commented on the relevance of Leone’s work in the socio-cultural context of Sicily. The evening was well attended and many members and supporters of I.C.S.A. were present. The evening was presided by Dott’ Stefano Fossati, – Director IIC Melbourne – Mr Antonio Bamonte and Dott. Rocco Dajello – representative of the Sicilian Region.

OZ Leone

OZ Leone 1

OZ Leone.2.

OZ Leone .3

OZ Leone . 4

OZ Leone .5.

OZ Leone .6.

OZ Leone .7.

OZ Leone .8.

OZ Leone .9.

OZ Leone .10

OZ Leone .11.

OZ Leone 12

OZ Leone 13

OZ Leone 14

OZ Leone 15

OZ Leone 16

OZ Leone 17

OZ Leone 18

OZ Leone 19

OZ Leone 20

OZ Leone 21

OZ Leone 22

OZ Leone 23

OZ Leone 24