Sister School Agreement Mount Ridley College, Melbourne – Liceo A.Volta, Caltanissetta

In line with its role of fostering educational exchanges between Sicily and Australia The Istituto di Cultura Sicilia Australia is proud to announce the Sister School Agreement between the Liceo A.Volta of Caltanissetta, and the Mount Ridley P12 College, Melbourne.
The agreement has been made possible through the collaboration of the Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione – Ufficio Dirigenza Didattica, Italian Consulate General of Melbourne, the Education Department of Victoria- Northern Region, the Liceo Scientifico A. Volta, the Mount Ridley College P12, and the Istituto di Cultura Sicilia Australia, who initiated the project.

The Sister School Agreement was initiated the 27th February, 2013 with the signing of the official documentation by the Principal of Mount Ridley College, Prof. Lino Pagano, and the Prof. Giuseppe Bruccheri, Principal of Liceo A. Volta.

The activities of this project will include:

1.  exchanges of information including curriculum, school policy and school events;
2.  exchanges of teaching resources, course materials and teaching strategies;
3.  exchanges of student work through means such as email, letters, photos and College newsletters to promote mutual understanding;
4. student and staff exchange programs aimed at providing the opportunity to study, work and live in the sister school community;
5. the delivery of curriculum  programs  that  involve a range of subject  areas,  such as
English, Italian and Arts through ICT-mediated communication; and
6. the provision of a staff professional development program that focuses on a range of areas including literacy, numeracy, economics, science, global education and student engagement.

The  project will conclude in 2014.

The Istituto di Cultura Sicilia Australia promoter of this project, will coordinate the activities of the Sister Schools  under the agreement and will post on its website updates of interest to those who want to follow this project.

The Istituto di Cultura Sicilia Australia looks forward to facilitate other such agreements with interested schools, both in Sicily and Australia. For further information please contact the Institute on: or Dott.ssa Cristina Mignatti – Direttrice Didattica Italian Consulate General Melbourne:

Agreement paper : MRC Sister School Agreement with Liceo Scientifico A.Volta

Another important step forward for the Sister School initiative between the Liceo A. Volta of Caltanissetta and Mt Ridley College of Melbourne. 

This important Sister School Initiative, supported by the Institute of Culture Sicily Australia (I.C.S.A.) and the School Directorate- Italian Consulate General of Melbourne – will be part of the initiatives embraced by the newly announced school of International Studies (Liceo Internazionale) that will be launched in the coming academic year 2013/14 at the Liceo Scientifico A. Volta. 

For more information please refer to:> scientifico-a-volta-a-s-201314-al-via-opzione-liceo-anglo-cinese/