Meetings & Partnerships

22 November 2014

A single action with double impact on two great initiatives

The purchase by I.C.S.A. of 10 Azalea plants from the Mothers’ Day Fight against Cancer Charity Drive, will also assist the volunteers of Guerrilla Gardening of […]
22 November 2014

I.C.S.A, Airc and Guerrilla Gardening, together in Catania for Charity and the Environment

The collaboration between I.C.S.A. Airc and Guerrilla Gardening continues with the completion of the final stages of the initiative promoted by our President Maria Sanciolo-Bell, who […]
11 July 2013

2013 La Trobe University: “In the City – Ancient Mediterranean Studies” Lecture Series

The Program La Trobe in the City continues in Melbourne with lectures of particular interest to lovers and students of Sicily. ICSA has the pleasure of supporting this important […]
5 April 2013

Sister School Agreement Mount Ridley College, Melbourne – Liceo A.Volta, Caltanissetta

In line with its role of fostering educational exchanges between Sicily and Australia The Istituto di Cultura Sicilia Australia is proud to announce the Sister School […]